Blacklist App

Ninja JWT includes an app that provides token blacklist functionality. To use this app, include it in your list of installed apps in

# Django project



Also, make sure to run python migrate to run the app\'s migrations.

If the blacklist app is detected in INSTALLED_APPS, Ninja JWT will add any generated refresh or sliding tokens to a list of outstanding tokens. It will also check that any refresh or sliding token does not appear in a blacklist of tokens before it considers it as valid.

The Ninja JWT blacklist app implements its outstanding and blacklisted token lists using two models: OutstandingToken and BlacklistedToken. Model admins are defined for both of these models. To add a token to the blacklist, find its corresponding OutstandingToken record in the admin and use the admin again to create a BlacklistedToken record that points to the OutstandingToken record.

Alternatively, you can blacklist a token by creating a BlacklistMixin subclass instance and calling the instance's blacklist method:

from ninja_jwt.tokens import RefreshToken

token = RefreshToken(base64_encoded_token_string)

This will create unique outstanding token and blacklist records for the token's jti claim or whichever claim is specified by the JTI_CLAIM setting.

The blacklist app also provides a management command, flushexpiredtokens, which will delete any tokens from the outstanding list and blacklist that have expired. You should set up a cron job on your server or hosting platform which runs this command daily.