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Custom Exception

Django-Ninja provides an intuitive way of handling custom exceptions by registering a function(handler) against an Exception type, just like it's done in a Flask app.

So in that sense, Django-Ninja-Extra has an APIException exception type which provides similar functionalities, for those use to DRF APIException.

For Example:

from ninja_extra.exceptions import APIException
from ninja_extra import api_controller, route, NinjaExtraAPI, status
from ninja import constants

class CustomAPIException(APIException):
    status_code = status.HTTP_401_UNAUTHORIZED
    message = 'UnAuthorized'

@api_controller('', tags=['My Operations'], auth=constants.NOT_SET, permissions=[])
class MyController:
    def custom_exception(self):
        raise CustomAPIException()

api = NinjaExtraAPI(title='Exception Test')