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Form Request

If you are not sure how to make a form post request like application/x-www-form-urlencode or multipart/form-data in django-ninja-extra, then this guide would be useful for you. Django-Ninja already covers most of the use cases here, but I will give you a quick summary here.

Form Data as Params

from ninja import Form, constants
from ninja_extra import api_controller, http_post, router

@api_controller('', tags=['My Operations'], auth=constants.NOT_SET, permissions=[])
class MyAPIController:
    def login(self, username: str = Form(...), password: str = Form(...)):
        return {'username': username, 'password': '*****'}
Two things to note here:

  • You need to import Form from ninja module
  • Use Form as default value for your parameter


For more information on this, visit Django-Ninja Form tutorial