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Django Ninja Extra provides an intuitive pagination model using paginate decoration from the Django-Ninja-Extra pagination module. It expects a List or Queryset from as a route function result.


def paginate(func_or_pgn_class: Any = NOT_SET, **paginator_params: Any) -> Callable[..., Any]:

  • func_or_pgn_class: Defines a route function or a Pagination Class. default: ninja_extra.pagination.LimitOffsetPagination
  • paginator_params: extra parameters for initialising Pagination Class

Using Ninja LimitOffsetPagination

When using ninja_extra.pagination.LimitOffsetPagination, you should use NinjaPaginationResponseSchema as pagination response schema wrapper. For example:

from ninja_extra.schemas import NinjaPaginationResponseSchema


@route.get('', response=NinjaPaginationResponseSchema[UserSchema])
def list_items(self):
    return item_model.objects.all()

Changing Default Pagination Class

To change the default pagination class, you need to add a NINJA_EXTRA variable in with a key PAGINATION_CLASS and value defining path to pagination class

# Django project
    'PAGINATION_CLASS': 'ninja_extra.pagination.PageNumberPaginationExtra'


from typing import List
from ninja_extra.pagination import (
    paginate, PageNumberPaginationExtra, PaginatedResponseSchema
from ninja_extra import api_controller, route, NinjaExtraAPI
from ninja import ModelSchema
from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model

user_model = get_user_model()

class UserSchema(ModelSchema):
    class Config:
        model = user_model
        model_fields = ['username', 'email']

class UserController:
    @route.get('', response=PaginatedResponseSchema[UserSchema])
    @paginate(PageNumberPaginationExtra, page_size=50)
    def get_users(self):
        return user_model.objects.all()

    @route.get('/limit', response=List[UserSchema])
    def get_users_with_limit(self):
        # this will use default paginator class - ninja_extra.pagination.LimitOffsetPagination
        return user_model.objects.all()

api = NinjaExtraAPI(title='Pagination Test')