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Django-Ninja Pydantic integration is one of the best features of Django-Ninja. With Pydantic, you can validate the inflow and outflow of data from your API, and It's very fast. Making a partial replacement of DRF serializers

But if you want complete DRF Serializer replacement then Ninja-Schema is what you need.

Ninja Schema

Ninja Schema converts your Django ORM models to Pydantic schemas with more Pydantic features supported.

Inspired by: django-ninja and djantic

Key features:

  • Custom Field Support: Ninja Schema converts django model to native pydantic types which gives you quick field validation out of the box. eg Enums, email, IPAddress, URLs, JSON, etc
  • Field Validator: Fields can be validated with model_validator just like pydantic validator or root_validator.


Visit Ninja Schema for More information

Accessing Request Object in Schema

Django Ninja Extra provides RouteContext object which available during request lifecycle. The RouteContext holds